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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post

Man you are so blinded by apple hate that you can't even admit it when its a known around the industry that the iPhone 4/S has one of the most superior screens.

The AMOLED Screens have a poor white reproduction, often are too warm and when are not AMOLED Plus suffer horrible aliasing on text due to the Pentile Matrix. They have a lot of pros but their negatives are usually pretty big (my biggest complaint is the Pentile display).

The HTC One X is one of the few phones to come out and beat the iPhone 4/S on almost every screen comparison tests.
Don't take my word for it.

The only area the galaxy nexus falls short on is visibility outdoors. As far as color reproduction, the only negative remark was oversaturation, however it's not really that bad. As noted, blacks display almost perfectly. Whites are a tad bit on the cool side, but it's not really bad at all.

Again, I've seen the two side by side. You're telling me I shouldn't be able to tell the difference?

The only respectable advantage iphone 4s display has over the nexus is the slightly higher pixel density, however it's not really that much higher. Besides, once you reach over 300dpi most people can't tell the difference anyways without looking really close to the display. This is why most magazines and newspapers are printed in 300dpi. The galaxy nexus sits at 306dpi.

Also as noted by the article, once you've reached a certain pixel density, the "jagginess" caused by Pentile displays is unobservable once you reach a certain pixel density. The galaxy nexus has well exceeded that point.
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