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Default Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign up...48 hours only!!!

Originally Posted by Inraged Twitch View Post
other people where having this problem If you where to send a copy of ur receipt to anet they would probably hook you up for the next BWE this month. It is a really fun game I wouldn't just blow it off because EB screwed you. Just learn from it and don't buy from them anymore.
I bought the game from greenman and got in the beta on that purchase. I love the game. I'm just stuck with two copies. That's why I am willing to sell this digital deluxe copy for only $69 if anyone wants it. If not I'll just give it to my son.

And yes I won't buy from them again. Greenman has been good to me for years. I should have stuck with them in the first place. So I blame muh self.
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