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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Yes because its not Pentile. Due to the Pentile display the DPI doesn't matter. Seriously, the Galaxy Nexus was a **** phone. It had a worse camera quality then the GS2 as well, yes the Nexus was faster but image quality sucked.

The CPU in the GS2 is also superior...

BTW, Even the ****ty GS2 Wannabe on Sprint/Tmobile/ATT Skyrocket are better.
Dude, your own website you just linked disagrees with what you just said:

HD connotes, well, 720p HD, and finally the absence of Plus connotes the presence of PenTile RGBG. On that last note, we made a prediction that PenTile would be very hard to see on the Galaxy Nexus based on some pixel pitch calculations, and this turns out to be the case.

For me at least, the Galaxy Nexus display exceeds my visual acuity - I cannot pick out subpixels at all on the Galaxy Nexus. Quite literally, the RGBG subpixel stripe is now small enough that it is beyond visual acuity at standard viewing distance (1 foot).
LOL idiot.

Further, he concludes with this:

I'd go so far to say that the Galaxy Nexus is without question the current best Android device,
Also that article only compares GPU performance. It says nothing about CPU. They both run Cortex A9 architecture with equal clocks, though the OMAP4460 is actually speced to run at 1.5Ghz, but samsung underclocks it. Technically the CPU on the gnex is superior.

Apparently google chose the OMAP4460 because it handles multitasking and HD video decoding better than the Samsung Exynos that the SGS2 uses.

However the PowerVR based architecture on the OMAP4460 GPU is weaker than the Tegra based one on the Exynos, hence you're going to see the lower scores on that website.
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