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Default Re: Nvclock able to change fanspeed Nvidia-Settings not.

Originally Posted by Tanker Bob View Post
Actually, putting:

Options "Coolbits" "5"

in the xorg.conf enables the user to both overclock and set the fan speed in nvidia-settings in 302.07 and probably earlier versions. 302.07 will even find the optimal overclock speed for you. Very nice. NVClock isn't needed anymore.
I am running 295.40 from

By default the fan run too fast and is noisy. So I set the speed (via nvclock for the moment) as necessary via cron. My only problem is to remove error log from the kernel because of some memory usage ( rsyslog do that automatically for me).

I was just wondering why nvclock can manage the fan without the help of xorg.conf and why nvida-settings not.
Thank you for helping. JCD
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