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Default Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.

I got a ASRock X79 Exetreme-4 and it came with the new 1.70 Bios so My i7-3820 went in like butter.The 212 EVO heatsink went on in about 10 minutes.It overclocked like a dream .I first did 43x and default voltage 1.22v.Then I started playing with the BCLK.I set it to 125 and 38x multipler running at 4.750gigs I first had the core voltage on auto and it set the voltage to 1.45v which was way to high tempertures hitting 85c with a load .So I went back in the bios and set it to 1.3v and now the tempertures were fine idle at 29c to 31c I ran prime 95 and the load was 65c to 63c.You have to be careful about your memory settings .I mine set to DDR 1600 but when I the BCLK to 125 my memory changed to DDR2000 and I had to change it to DDR1666,But my 16gig kit of G.Skill DDR3-1333 7-7-7-21-1N 1.5v scales great ,so I set to DDR-1666 9-9-9-27-1n 1.5v.I also set it to 5gigs 1.365v but my load tempertures were hitting 74c to 76c and that was hotter then I wanted to run it.I will wait until I get a CPU water Cooler and then run it at 5gigs.I fineally just settle on 4.625gig at 1.275v and the idle was 27c to 29c and loads were 58c to 60c.I got a real good bin chip that overclock great.This was a good CPU and motherboard to replace my still great i7-920 and EX58-UD5 Board,so I can still run my TRI-SLI set-up.
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