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Default Re: Port forwarding with a virgin super hub.

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Im having some issues trying to play worms reloaded online with some mates, As worms apparently uses steamworks i have been advised to try and upen up ports. >Click Me<
What you'll want to check for is whether or not your ISP filters those outgoing ports. It may be possible that your router is blocking those ports, I would check under that menu you see listed as port blocking.

Though I'd have to ask, why on earth are they blocking those ports? Or if the router is blocking it, why is it configured to block them by default? Blocking outbound ports is kind of dumb because it tends to break things, much like the problem you are having right now.

If they want the kind of security they are trying to get, it's best to do that kind of filtering at the application layer. This isn't the 90's anymore.

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
Yes of course Netgear still make hubs, hubs and super hubs is a simpler slang for cable gateways. If you still in fact think Netgear dont make cable gateways for ISPs anymore then look at the link below.
In networking terminology, a hub is a layer 1 device. Anything with the word "gateway" in it is a layer 3 device, and is typically a router. What you described above is a router with an integrated switch (which is layer 2), not a hub. That's kind of stupid to call it a hub, it would be like calling a car a horse buggy.

Anyways, why would netgear make hubs? There is no need to anymore. Switches render them entirely obsolete. I can't imagine there being any market for a hub, when switches first came around you used hubs because switches were more expensive. However switches are so cheap now that hubs are pushed entirely out of the market, because you can't produce them cheap enough to make a profit.
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