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Default Re: Port forwarding with a virgin super hub.

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
Why would all big companies like Netgear, Cisco, D-Link etc make hubs you asked? ISPs in the markets all over worldwide send custom designs that meet the specification customers required companies to manufacture for them because hubs are far cheaper, most energy efficient, combined all 3 in one product to save space. Hubs are here to stay, they will not pushed entirely out of the market because companies make money from manufactured Hubs for ISPs.
What you're describing isn't a hub, it's a combination of a router, switch, and cable modem, there's no hub anywhere in it. Like I said earlier, calling that a hub is like calling a car a horse buggy.

Nobody makes hubs anymore. That would be like saying some company out there still makes 486 CPU's.

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Hmmm, I was told to do it like so ...
I really don't think that's going to work. What you're doing there is telling the outside interface of your gateway that if it receives incoming traffic on those ports, then it should forward them to the internal address of Unless you have a device configured on your network (e.g. computer, server, whatever) with that IP address, that really isn't going to do anything.

Try it has tests that will tell you if your outbound ports are being blocked.

If that is working, then there is some other problem. I passed that test and my network is configured to block all incoming ports (read: there is no port forwarding.) It also blocks all incoming ICMP as well. Basically if anybody does any probing at my network from the outside, they can't even tell that my network even exists.

But because games don't rely on incoming ports (unless you're running servers, which I don't) this doesn't break anything.
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