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Default re: thanks, still a problem

hi there, i tried the stuff you told me to do and i think i'm in more trouble then i first suspected ...

after doing the /sbin/modprobe NVdriver
command i still got the message that the Nvidia Driver couldn't been loaded (something in that area...)

then i tried the [ -c /dev ... ]; echo $? command, followed your instructions and if i do startx now, i get a black screen again ...

the problem is, i'm only beginning with linux so the next i'm going to try is to upgrade my Xfree86 and if that doesn't do the trick, i'll try to install the red hat 7.3 kernel headers on my OS (i've heard they aren't installed standard) and try again with the tar files and with the command line that points the make files where the kernel headers are located

if that doesn't work then i think i'm planning on throwing my computer out of the window ;-)

if you have some good advice or think i should do some other stuff first, plz share it here

thanks in advance for all your trouble


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