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Default Re: Should Sandforce controllers be avoided?

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Honestly, since getting my SSD, I've noticed very little in-game performance increase, if any at all. It's everything else that is stupid fast.

That said, I still hope to pick up a 512 ~ 600GB SSD later this year as a dedicated steam drive. I can be an impatient man. I want to be in-game the millisecond I click "play" in Steam.
I'm expecting more along the load times performance than actual in-game. I just got Batman AC for $15, and while it performs great, the initial game loading seems to take well over a minute. Frustrating. But if load times speed up nicely, I'll grab a 240Gb for a game drive. Prices are pretty good atm.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
It's all about the firmware though.

Intel's latest 500 and 300 drives are using Sandforce controllers but Intel's firmware and testing methods are much better compared to other Sandforce drives.
Exactly - I've read enough to believe Intels firmware and testing are much higher quality than other manufacturers.

I updated my sig already, but the drive won't be loaded with OS and all until tomorrow. We'll see how snappy a win7 install off of an SD card can be.
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