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I recently finished the first Deus Ex for the first time after a friend recommended it. Great game.. Even by today's standards I still think it holds up well. This is because of the storyline and the interactivity of it and the freedom to follow your own path and not a predetermined one, at least sort of.... Not because of the location-based damage and skill points system.. Those were just icing on the cake

I just downloaded the demo for DX: Invisible War and played it for about 20 minutes or so.. Yes, it seems dumbed down compared to the prequel. Universal ammo, GIANT text, smaller maps, automated hax0ring of ATm's etc.. I think the main reason is because they wanted to have it on the Xbox too.. It's basically a console game ported to PC. Consoles don't have as much memory as a PC, which means smaller maps.. They made a PS2 port of the original DX. It was basically the same game, but the maps were in smaller chunks.. I think in this case, they are trying to make the console and PC version both identical. Saves them time I guess.. They are trying to appeal to a larger audience with this one.. A lot of poeple would prefer one button hacking of ATM's instead of having to go through an interface and picking the amount to withdraw.. Less tedious, but also less realistic..

Despite these shortcomings, I still think it will be a fun game, just like the original, if the storyline prevails.. One thing I do like about the new one is the objects are a lot more interactive.. Barrels don't just fall flat on the ground and make a clanking sound.. They can tip over and you can roll them.. Crates roll like dice, etc..

I do have some performance issues though.. Seems like it's skipping frames, and the mouse lags a little bit.. I'm using an Athlon 1800+ with a GF4 Ti4400. It's still very playable, and I think I might buy the full version if maybe the patch makes it run a little better.
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