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Default Re: What to do with a Diablo 3 preorder?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Are you high? Diablo 2 sold far more then 5 million copies worldwide.
Link? I've searched extensively and never seen any numbers higher than 4 million for an actual source. Everything else is people guessing.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I mean WoWs peak was just over 10 million and after that it sharply decreased.
Those are peak subscriber numbers! You think the same ten million people have been playing the game for the last 8 years? With that many subscribers it's actual sales would be 3-4x that number at a minimum.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Whats all this WoW sales comparison for ? Who gives a f**k about WoW these days except for jobless pot smoking mongs that have nothing better to do!!
Obviously D3 fans care or they wouldn't be making ridiculous comparisons to a game that D3 will never touch in sales or revenue.

I get that people are excited to finally play another Diablo game, but lets not get crazy and make it out to be the biggest game ever, because it's not.
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