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Default Re: 302.07: Xv V-Sync is borked

Hi all.

I also have tearing. I'm on a Linux Mint 12 LMDE, 64-bits version with a Nvidia GT240.
I recently installed this beta driver in order to get portrait in my secondary monitor with Twinview enabled. This works great.
The problem is that I have tearing on my main monitor. It's a general issue as it doesn't only affect XVideo, but also anything on this main monitor. Any window I move there presents tearing. The thing is that the secondary monitor doesn't have tearing.

I have OpenGL-Sync to VBlank and XVideo sync to vblank enabled, the latter synched to my main monitor by selecting the radiobutton "Sync to this display device". Of course I tried inverting this selection, but nothing there. Weird...

I have Compiz enabled, by the way, but if I go with metacity I still have tearing.
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