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Default Re: Whats the point of pre-ordering now with digital delivery?

Pre-Order were mostly used by retail store for you to do their stock management for them.
I hate Gamestop for that reason: if a game releases on day D, there is pretty much 0% chance of you being able to buy it at Gamestop if you have not pre-ordered it with a deposit weeks before (as they will have preorder number +2 copies only). If they cannot be bothered to do market research to gauge interest, I'll take my business across the street to any big box store that WILL have a palette-full of the game.

Now, they just take advantage for early income by offering extras to secure your full-price purchase before even day-0, before you have time to read any review preferably.

In the same idea, there is very little to gain in buying on day-0, as there will be few reviews and the game will be quite often heavily discounted before 6 weeks have passed... Patience for the win! (and a full wallet)
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