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Default Re: Whats the point of pre-ordering now with digital delivery?

Originally Posted by Monolyth View Post
For major game releases (Diablo 3), I like having access to the core game functionality the first minute it is live. And for a game like D3 (which I pre-ordered the CE 3 months ago), I will get my swag CE stuff when it arrives (doesn't affect my gameplay really), but I will able to play the game the moment it is released regardless.

Pre-order for many games, like some have said, contains variable DLC based on the retailer and even e-tailers. Pre-order today for me means that I can secure Limited or CE boxes early as with most it is first-come-first serve on pre-ordering those game versions.
Thread is about Digital based pre ordering but even so the benefits of pre ordering at all just isn't a big enough incentive for me to do it. If i want to play a game on day 1 i can do without pre-ordering, i have done so in the past but only with games which i consider a must buy. I have NEVER had a problem buying a game for the PC on launch day. The sad gits that go camping outside of there local retailer waiting for it to open to buy a game on launch day need there heads fastening hard in a vice. Same with books such as harry pothead etc...

Console games can of course sell out very quickly on launch day, pre-ordering a game to make sure you can play it on day 1 is therefore understandable in these circumstances. Although i have never done said thing on console either. Last year i laughed at all the assholes at Asda that stood in line from midnight just to get a copy of Black ops. I returned 12 hours later and the line had disappeared....But yet they still had huge amounts of stock in on all platforms for said game....That was a supermarket...theirs like another 100 different stores i could drive to in my area and i could of guaranteed to find a copy of black ops on any platform...

I partly blame the media, they hype games so much these days it's unreal...You only have to look at the new Black ops 2 trailer to realise that most of the said media are PAID to do this. Gamespot...pffft dont make me laugh, they wouldn't know a decent game if the games devs hellicoptered there willys and smashed them in the face with it...
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