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Default Re: Whats the point of pre-ordering now with digital delivery?

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Pre-ordering has now become something that the developer has taken advantage of. They will throw in stuff like beta access, DLC or open unlockables within the game before anyone else. Usually most of what they offer is meaningless and the "you only get to play the beta if you pay for the game first" is blackmail. I never preorder...ever, if they dont open the beta to public (if a beta is available for said game) it means there game is dead in the pan to me.
It isn't blackmail. You don't have to pre-order. It is your choice to buy the game before its release or after its release.

The rest of your post I agree with. The pre-order stuff is meaningless things used as a sales pitch. If you like what they offer, then it has value to you I guess.

Really the only advantage of pre-ordering with digital content is pre-loading.
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