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Default Re: Whats the point of pre-ordering now with digital delivery?

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
There have been lots of BETAs I wanted to play but couldn't. Not a big deal. Wait till the game is released like we used to have to do in the old days.
Besides the point or your just completly missing it altogether....

Developers are securing sales by giving beta access to those that have pre ordered. What if i would like to try the game even in an unfinished state to make my judgement on wether or not i should purchase it ? Your effectively paying to play unfinished demo's and on the grounds that you like the game you get a free copy when its released.....

Soo, i like a certain game thats not released for another month...I'd like to try it as there is a beta available but to do so i have to pay full price of the final game, even though it is unreleased at the time. I take out my credit card and preorder on steam, download beta and start to play....Hmmmm i dont like this, in fact damn...i hate this (could be Black ops 2)...Now then how do i get my money back... The rigmarole to start the procedure is to open a ticket on steam....Now i dont want to get up the noses of steam fanboys but in the past i have submitted tickets to steam and they arent exactly fast at replying....and the case of steam is how they get you (Steam will do refunds on preorders only before the launch date of the game).......So now i would have paid full price for 10 mins of a beta and a full game i would never play....

Thats steam....a lot of other places refuse to give refunds on pre orders.

Don't take this the wrong way btw...I've never been one for pre ordering or paying to get into a beta. If there is a game i am unsure about and there was no beta or demo or you need to pre order to play the beta i would rely on reviews and other peoples views on the game before i purchased. Not heyyyyyyyy...that intro looks nice now i must spend 40 quid to make sure that goes into my collection regardless of wether the actual game will be any good or not.....

Devs that give open betas = awesome

Devs that 'ask' you to pay first to play a beta = wankers
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