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Default Re: NVidia 96.xx.xx & 173.xx.xx Legacy drivers donít work in Ubuntu 12.04

I have looked into what poltsy and PenguinPower said.

I managed to install the nvidia-173 drivers (on my temporary ubuntu 12.04 test install) by getting them from the nvidia website and running their script installer. That went all well, the driver installed etc.

I tried the IgnoreAbi option. The 173 drivers do load and the xorg server comes up in a whopping 640x480 resolution. I tried to force a higher resolution by throwing the correct monitor HorizSync and Vertrefresh values into xorg.conf, which did not work.

Why does it not want to go into a higher res? My very wild guess would be, because the drivers cannot set the mode in the new ABI? I honestly have no idea.

So, yes, IgnoreAbi can work (altough a *lot* of people on other forums get completely different results, like crashes), and no, it does not work all that great.
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