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Default Re: Regression with 295.33 and GeForce GT 240

Originally Posted by sandipt View Post
Can you please provide any test file you are using with `SecondLife viewer` to trigger this issue? Also explain reproduction steps in detail.
thanks for taking an interest. I am not sure I understand what test file you are asking me to provide. The application is not scripted. Can you explain?

SecondLife is basically a MMORPG. The drawback of SecondLife is, it has a certain learning curve. You can get an account and an avatar for free from . If it helps, I can do that for you and provide the logon details.

For interacting with the virtual world yo need local software, called a viewer. The viewer can also be downloaded for free from .

The issue is created by simple camera movements in-world (ALT. left mouse button, mouse movement). The graphics settings are "high" with atmospheric shaders turned on, plus lighting and shadows.

PS: Since creating this post I have upgraded various system components. The current versions are: Kernel 3.3.4-ck1, Slackware64-current, Xorg 1.12.1, XFCE 4.6.2, Nvidia driver 302.70, SL viewer
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