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Default Re: EA gains Linux Attention. Better Quality Drivers Please!

Originally Posted by Ruinairas View Post
You would have to be blind to not see what EA is doing, they are testing to see if Linux is a eligible platform worth putting money into. There is no way of knowing how many people use Linux, but with a web installer from the Ubuntu Software Center. They will kinda have a idea of how many people are there to install such games. They don't want to publish a mainstream game like Battlefield 3 without first observing if there is a market that is truly interested.

as for quality between windows and linux I have yet to see the same performance. Even with native games that are available on both Linux and Windows. Windows won in every category in average FPS on the same machine setup. With the latest drivers installed.

I've tested with:

Nvidia Geforce 8400gs 512 DDR3 (Older graphics card thinking that maybe it had time to mature)

Nvidia Geforce 550 ti (Gigabyte) 1GB GDDR5 192 Cuda cores

and a Nvidia Geforce 460..

all of which performed way better on Windows.

Although Nvidia is hella better than AMD when it comes to drivers. I give them props for that!
You should do some proper benchmarking.
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