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Default Re: X crashes systematically at startup (Ubuntu 11.10, 8800M GTX/G92M)

Originally Posted by sandipt View Post
Looks like most of you facing issue with Clevo notebooks . Please attach nvidia bug report as soon as you observed issue by running script as root user.
The problem is the the freezing makes the monitor and the keyboard completely unresponsive. The mouse pointer is still active with some driver versions, though, which make me guess that the OS is still running in the background. In other words, it looks more like an X server freezing than as a system freezing.

However, the only way I have found to use the system after the freezing is powering it down by pressing the power button for a few seconds. No other options seem to work. Therefore, I would like to ask you whether or not it would make sense to run the Nvidia bug report script after rebooting or before the freezing happens (it happens one minute after the xserver had started).
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