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Default Dell Precision 690 with a nVidia Quadro 3450

Recently I got the Dell Precision 690 with the nVidia Quadro 3450. A couple of things are strange... during the inits the lower 1/4 part of the screen turns into green / black lines, which disappear after some time.

X starts and everything seems to be working, but when I start the nvidia-settings tool it says "Detected PCI Express Link width: 0X" lspci -vv says it is running at full pci express speed. I am not so sure about it since adobe-flash is dirt slow. Mplayer with GL works fine, but adobe-flash is doing really badly.

glxinfo says that everything is okay and IDs the card and everything. /var/log/Xorg.0 says that everything is okay with the exception of the pci express link.
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