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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
Actually I paid half of the price of an iphone 4s, (not including the $50 in spending money google gave me, which effectively lowers the price even further) for a phone that has a vastly superior screen, can actually multitask (something that even 30 year old OS'es can do, yet iOS can't,) has far superior internal hardware (33% faster CPU, twice as much ram) and longer battery life, with the option of adding even more battery life.

Oh and speak of battery, when it eventually loses the ability to hold its charge (as all batteries do) I can actually replace the thing myself instead of paying apple $90 to do so.

Why you iphone guys pay twice as much for half the phone is a bit strange to me, but whatever
Yes the SoC is just amazing. It absolutely trounces the A5:

That battery performance is just so much better as well!
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