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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Reality disorder... I guess that comes in the whole "open" Android package.

Like I said before, Android is such an open platform. It's just sad that its users aren't as open.
"Better comparison" - only because this time the Nexus is better on paper
I'd say Anand's benchmarks provide a much better comparison than just comparing specs on paper. No matter which device is in front.
Try looking at the anand page itself rather than just that one picture that he posted, it reaches the same conclusion.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
This is like saying that the FPS count in a GPU benchmark is the only thing that matters, completely ignoring the fact that other factors are much more important for the actual real world gaming experience.
Exactly, I'm glad you agree, because that's exactly what I said when he posted the GPU scores.

Talk about reality distortion Or perhaps the lack of ability to read...

I like how you guys all gang up on me, and still manage to lose
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