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Default Re: Can we all be honest about STALKER

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
Yeah I'll be honest about the Stalker series. To me all the Stalker's sucked balls. I hated them. The stupid screen bouncing got on my nerves and most of all the makers made the computer decide kills instead of the user. The theory was to compensate for human error but it essentially had the effect of taking control out of the users hands. I thought this was a terrible idea implemented poorly and it just ruined the game for me. I don't need the game making decisions on how good a shot I am on probability and making me miss shots I didn't miss. Good riddance to the end of Stalker.
Thank you for your contribution to this thread.

So they all sucked balls but you still spent the money on them? Ok....

What are you thoughts on death of the single player fps and truly ambitious new single player games for the PC?
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