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The thing that you guys seem to forget is that a choice of mobile phone comes down to personal preference. At one time iphone ruled the mobile world...but now they dont. If people want to follow the tradition of 'oh my friend has one so i get one as i know nothing about phones'....then let them. It is clear that Android based smartphones are a huge threat to Apple and as time goes on the same tradition will be 'oh i will get a android phone because my friend has one'. I figure this could be why the apple fanboys seem to always jump to the defence of their devices....Arrogance, ignorance or just plain stupidity... It reminds me of high school when the megadrive v snes (Genesis v super famicom for the aliens) debate was high on the topic list.
So in other words, choice of mobile phone comes down to personal preference but if others don't like the phone you have then they are arogant, ignorant or just plain stupid?

Believe it or not not everyone wants an iphone because it is some trendy thing. I couldn't care less about "trendy". My wife got an ipad2 and I saw how great it worked and it lead me to get rid of an Android phone I couldn't stand. I guess I should have kept the Android phone so I could be trendy in not succumbing to trendy things. That way someone would think I was smart for keeping a phone that sucked and I hated.
That's foreigner logic for you...
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