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Default Re: Can we all be honest about STALKER

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
He's entitled to his opinion. Especially if he did buy them, rather than pirate and declare the game sucked.

I don't agree where he says the game decides hit probability (thinking of Bloodlines maybe). I've never had that issue. A headshot is a headshot when I play... Stalker has always been twitch based. The enemies in the first game were bullet sponges from the neck down though.
Spot on in my experience as well.

I'm about 2 hours back into the zone and I think I've only died 4 or 5 times so far, not bad

I did mod the weight limit this time though. I've beaten the game before and have no desire to travel back and forth to sell scavenged goods.

Lost to the zone again....and the "Get out of here stalker" a bullet that wants to meet you, again
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