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Despite these shortcomings, I still think it will be a fun game, just like the original, if the storyline prevails..
Oh, that it certainly does. Even if you hate the gameplay (personally I found it fine), you'll probably find the story interesting to say the least. A few suprising plot twists that I didn't expect.

Though while I do agree that some elements were "simplified" for the console (though things like ATM and security computer hacking are done the same way as the first game, you just no longer have the option of manually entering the login/password), but the new stuff is interesting to say the least. The new bio-mods like Bot Domination and the new weapon mods certainly add a new dimension to the game. Not as good as the first, but i still found the game to be very enjoyable. Disapointing, yes, but not nearly as much as Homeworld 2 was to me.
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