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Default Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign up...48 hours only!!!

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
This is why we can't have nice things.
Actually in WoW, even though I was horde, I was really good friends with the alliance players. We would have this clique where the best of alliance PvPer's knew and were friends were with the best horde PvPer's.

Once you made the "who's who" list, you wouldn't gank the other good PvPer's, you'd just watch them gank players of your faction and they'd watch you gank theirs, and then you'd all have a good laugh

I was notorious on my server for entering Stormwind solo and just killing every pvp flagged player I could find without ever dying. The alliance players who knew me would come on vent and ask me to gank other alliance players that were on their sh*tlist.

I would do really mean things to people (e.g. killing hunters pets while they're fighting a group of mobs and watching them struggle to stay alive, or using typhoon to knock people off of their flying mounts so they'd fall and die, or tricking people to follow me to where your spirit can't reach your corps to resurrect, and then killing them) but it was all in good fun

And then there were the holiday events, which on PvP servers were always littered with the bones of dead was beautiful...always cracked me up too. Sadly blizzard killed that, which is why I left.


Anyways I'm having a look at GW, the PvP system looks interesting (have my eye on a Charr Thief)...only thing is, how "grindy" is this game? Same ol' "kill and fetch" quests as all other RPG's, or have they changed that?
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