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Default Dual monitor config w/o HDMI

My old 9600GT had deceased, so I bought a new GTX560 based card with a pair of DVI connectors and one HDMI.

The trouble is I can't do without two monitors (I've a pair of BENQ 241W ones), but when I connect them both via DVI, the second one doesn't get recognised and remains black.

When I attach the first monitor to DVI (no matter which), and the second to HDMI, it does work, but the picture on the second screen is horrible, probably, because it takes my monitor for TV and also downscales everything from 1920x1200 to FullHD (can't change that in nvsettings).

I'm using the latest 64-bit drivers and old good config (attached) that worked OK with the previous card.

I'd be very grateful if somebody would explain how to fix that!
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