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Default Removal of overscan options in 302.07...

Removed overscan compensation configurability from NV-CONTROL and nvidia-settings. This can be configured, with finer granularity, through the ViewPortIn and ViewPortOut MetaMode attributes. See "Configuring Multiple Display Devices on One X Screen" in the README for details.
Wow. What a completely ridiculous thing to do... now instead of being able to easily adjust the overscan on my second display with the following in a script at the start of my X session (or a slider via nvidia-settings):

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/OverscanCompensation[DFP-2]=105
I have to physically modify xorg.conf multiple times using badly documented metamodes which have no gui configuration equivalent available in the nvidia-settings application. Seriously, what the hell?

If anyone can tell me the exact modes I need to use to substitute a 105 overscan compensation on a 1360x768 hdmi display it would be greatly appreciated. The devs on the other hand really need to make sure that reasonable configurability is in place for things like this before removing a long standing and perfectly working setting in the future..
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