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Default Re: Samsung phones outselling Apple

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
No, quad-core on a phone is a complete waste. In fact it is a uneeded power drain.

The plan of attack for applications is to use as less cpu time, and thus less power as possible first of all. When it comes to pc, you only see quad cores come into their own on 2 things, video compressing (and like wise jobs like render farms), and games. The former has no place on the phone platform and the latter, the games are not anywhere near that complex, nor should games be wiping out your battery in an hour.

Dual core has always been the sweet spot, one core for OS operations, and the other is free to programs. Some programs and game are also ideal with 2 cores in which case the OS doesn't take up that much of one core so it is like having 2 full cores for the app itself. More than enough power.
Are you saying the extra 2 cores on a quad core phone don't get used ? The HTC one x is the best performing multitasking phone because of it's quad core cpu. I don't see your point tbh, because all cores get used on a quad core when multitasking and because its spread over more cores it is more efficient.
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