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Default Re: ** Official Path of Exile Thread**

just beat act 1 this morning. damn this game is HARD at times. Some of the rare mobs with the yellow monsters are BRUTALLY hard. WAY harder than some of the boss fights to be honest.

I came across one group in the lower prison that I swear I died at least 15 times trying to kill them all. the problem is that there were 2 rare monsters. One was one of those necromancers that kept raising the skeletons and another was a rare skeleton that shot out 3 freezing orbs. I typically go after the necromancers first so i don't have to keep killing the skeletons but the rare skeleton kept freezing me when I was attacking the necro.

my summon zombie was pretty much useless. he'd get one shotted by the rare skeleton.

I ended up making a mad dash past them to sort of spread them out (not much spreading room due to the cramped nature of the prison to begin with and then they killed me but when I went back, the necromancer ended up not following me down the corridor so he was pretty much by himself and that gave me the chance to take him out then the skeletons and then finally the rare skeleton.

It's been a LONG time since I've been that frustrated at a game.

Oh and not sure if it's just a glitch in the beta or if it's legitimately going to be this way but I was at the area right past the ship graveyard, used a town portal and spent some time cleaning out my inventory/stash etc and then when I went back to go to the portal, it was gone!

Not only that, I went to the waypoint to jump back to the ship graveyard and when I went back, everything had reset so I had to not only kill everyone again but the map did the whole randomizing thing and ended up making me run around to a different area to get back to where I previously was.

They need to fix that :/
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