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Default Re: ** Official Path of Exile Thread**

my main problem with the game right now is the same I have with diablo 3, no localized client so any loss of connection with the server = booted from the game.

I've also run into the exact same problem with this game as in D3 and that's the quick little intermittent delays that result in you attacking but the hits don't register and the enemies just stand there and don't move. D3 does the EXACT same thing.

I would honestly pay full price for this game to have it totally localized like diablo 2. Even if I had to login to validate or what not.

So far REALLY digging the game and it looks amazing.

The whole server thing and what seems like maybe just a touch too difficult at times are really the only 2 things I don't like. getting used to the "currency" is also a little strange given all the various little bits of ingredients they've got but they're refreshingly cool the way they can alter items.

It really does seem like they picked apart every aspect of diablo 2 and found a way to implement them or improve upon them. the skill "tree" is hilariously awesome.

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