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Default Driver versions above 275.43 causing Xorg hangs with Quadro 130m

I have tried 295.40, 295.49 and 302.07 (attached is the log from the 302.07 attempt).
I have also tried other versions in the past with similar issues.

What I do:
Load Xfce4.
Open terminal.
Run glxgears.
Starts and runs fine.
Wait until first fps message appears.
Press Esc.
Xorg hangs for upwards of 30 seconds, or completely depending on driver version. 302.07 hung for the ~30 seconds.
Rect where the glxgears window was has random garbage data.

OS: Debian Wheezy, up-to-date. Kernel 3.2.0-2-amd64.
GPU: NVIDIA Corporation G86M [Quadro NVS 130M] (rev a1)

Until very recently I have been using 275.36 without issue. However after a recent updating of Xorg, switching to/opening new tabs in Chromium lags for 2-5 seconds (high Xorg CPU use), which is what prompted my return to looking into newer drivers in the hope that these problems had been resolved. If this, instead, is easier to fix, then I am fine with sticking with 275.

I cannot try 270 or below, as they refuse to compile stating it can't find the source/headers for the installed kernel.
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