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Post Re: firefox slow,jerky scrolling and misaligned pages while scrolling. Gnome3+Debian

Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
I tried to reproduce this a couple of times now, but without any success. Can you clarify whether you're only seeing problems while scrolling, or if it sometimes persist after rendering has settled? If that happens, does triggering a re-render fix it? (eg. enabling an expose effect or something like that)
Firstly, Sorry for replying late, as nvnews forum usercp never showed "new posts" in this thread.

It persists if I stop scrolling. when I do any other actvitiy on Desktop like launching a random gnome apps like calculator or nautilus file manager, the image renders correctly. Yes!Yes! If I try expose, it is fixed. I usually does that.

Also, I think the issue is faced more by Geforce 7300,7600 series GPUs?

Please Let Me know, How can I produce more debugging informations about this bug? I am ready to give any details needed.

Thank You for the reply.
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