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Default Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign up...48 hours only!!!

After watching a bunch of videos on this, I really like the way the combat system works.

It isn't like wow in that it is hugely dependent upon healers and preventing your enemy from being able to do anything at all (vis a vis, crowd control) which is ultimately a really stupid model. Instead it is about actively blocking, dodging, knowing the right time to attack, and properly timing your self heals. Very good.

However it seems apparent that there's no world pvp. The WvWvW system they have is more or less the equivalent of just a really big WoW style battleground. If they'd fix that I'd be interested. I just like it so that when you're in the world doing whatever it is you need to do, you could encounter a real combat scenario (e.g. where the threat of death is real, whereas vs NPC's its almost guaranteed victory) at any time, or you could initiate one at any time.

If they'd fix that I'd be interested, e.g. having PvP servers.
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