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Default Re: Removal of overscan options in 302.07...

You should be able to specify the display in the attribute syntax, which is documented in the nvidia-settings man page:
nvidia-settings --assign 1/CurrentMetaMode="DFP-2: 1360x768 { ViewPortIn=1360x768, ViewPortOut=1260x708+50+30 }"
Can you describe exactly what you mean by, "It's a little off"?

The old overscan compensation option was guaranteed to cause scaling artifacts because it caused the GPU hardware to scale the output. Using ViewPortOut gives you a 1:1 pixel mapping by actually resizing your desktop to take the border into account. If this causes MythTV to scale various UI elements because it's only designed to work when your desktop is actually 1920x1080, then that's a limitation in MythTV.

If you want the old-style scaling, specify ViewPortIn too:
nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode="DFP-1: 1920x1080_60i_0 { ViewPortIn=1920x1080, ViewPortOut=1914x1074+5+5 }"
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