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Default Upgraded after a long time

my old system was a C2D with 8Gb ram ,2 Hd's in raid O and a 8800gtx

yesterday iv got a new one ,

I7 3770k
asrock fatality Z77 µatx
32GB gskill 1866
512Gb samsung SSD 830
WD BLACK 2tb back up
samsung Blu ray player
noctua C14 cooler
NZXT vulcan case
TT Grand power 1200 .
690gtx has yet to come through the mail .

the cooler was a very tight fit , could only be fitted in 1 way . it actually a bitt too close to the vga card . its also sitting over all the RAM sockets so they get decent cooling also . havnet done oc,ing yet , have to get a bit more familiar with the bios first etc . psu might be a bit too much for that system , but i always buy large psu's . the cable routing possibilities in the system are ok , you hardly see any .

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