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Default Re: Bug with UEFI - DELL E6410 - linux 3.1.10 - nv 290.10

I've a similar kernel trace with UEFI configuration (ASRock A55M-HVS + GT520). However, the binary driver still loads up and I can start X window.

I've another problem though which happens to both BIOS or EFI boot. Whenever X is restarted (logout / login, stopping lightdm / restart lightdm) similar kernel trace will pop with some Xid messages and X could start (system still responsive, SSH still works). I've to restart the whole computer to resolve the issue. This problem bugs I believe a lot of GT520 users as I see quite some posts with similar issue.

Nvidia really need to step up and provide better quality driver rather than chasing for speed. We want a usable system. My build is HTPC so GT520 is really the best option (low TDP, available hardware decoding and good video quality).
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