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Default Nvidia driver stopped working after X restart and Kernel taint msgs during boot

Hi, I searched through the forum and couldn't found any workaround, hence starting a new thread, hopefully I'd submit sufficient information to start a bug report.

My configuration: AMD Fusion processor A4-3300 + GT520 PCI-E card, 8GB RAM, running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Nvidia 295.49 driver installed from Nvidia website, HDMI out to TV.

1) During boot -
I've got some kernel tainted message with kernel trace during boot when trying to review dmesg. This occurs during EFI boot but not BIOS boot. However, X starts up properly and everything runs properly. Tried light OpenGL stuff (XBMC, Unity), browser (chrome) and video (VDPAU). Everything runs fine. Just that the kernel trace occurs.

2) During X restart (this occurs both in EFI mode or BIOS mode)
When I try to logoff the machine, Ubuntu would quit and restart lightdm (which I believe, will subsequently restart X server). X won't come up. The machine is still responsive, Kernel tainted message and Xid messages comes up in dmesg. Xorg.0.log does not have much error message.

I tried to SSH in, sudo service lightdm restart (in ubuntu) and the symptom is exactly the same.

The 2nd symptom is obviously annoying as I can't logoff X session but have to restart whenever I want to switch to another user in console. However, I don't have any random crash (very rare, and can't really prove to be nvidia's issue) when I'm running the machine normally.

Attached is the nvidia-bug-report for both when the machine is started and when X is restarted.
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