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Default Re: NVidia 96.xx.xx & 173.xx.xx Legacy drivers donít work in Ubuntu 12.04

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
Geforce 4 was released in 2002, Geforce FX in 2003.
The MX4000 i was talking about was introduced at the end of 2003, and widely on sale from 2004 to 2006. So people bought them just 6 or 7 years ago, yet it requires the 96.xx.xx driver. Therefore not all cards that require this driver are 10+ years old. I don't want to hassle about 1 or 2 years either, but only want to put things in perspective. Most people understand that these cards won't have top-priority anymore in the update order of NVidia, but that's something different than just saying 'throw a 6 years old card away', as some people do.

No one expects additional features, just these cards to work. It's unlikely that an update of xorg requires a complete rewrite and entire overhaul of the driver. Of course one uses more recent hardware for HD-content or heavy CAD-applications, but a 6 years old card is still adequate enough for most tasks on a second or spare computer.


Some useful information to others perhaps: I downgraded xorg successfully. Everything seems to run stable for the time being (Kubuntu, don't know whether other desktops cause problems). It's not the most elegant solution, and i know it's strongly advised against, but as long as there is not a real solution you've got to do something. I appreciate the effort that is put into the nouveau driver, but everything runs much smoother now with the NVidia driver and things like TV-out are working again properly.

Hopefully downgrading xorg only has to be a temporary 'solution'.
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