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Default Re: ** Official Path of Exile Thread**

Yeah the skill gems are pretty interesting and I like the way they work. Seems like the class you choose largely dictates your stats vs skills but obviously, having for example, more dexterity starting out means you'll have an easier time using the bows vs 2 handed weapons.

I dropped 10 bucks on a beta key. They've done a really nice job on it, I feel like just this past weekend, I got easily 10 bucks worth of entertainment so having the game to play as much as I want is even sweeter of a deal.

Regarding it not "feeling" like diablo, I went back and played a few hours of diablo II with one of my lower level characters and it's actually surprising how similar it is in terms of the ebb and flow of combat and as much as it does get old, the same old boring hack and slash combat of the same enemies does get just as repetitive as diablo II.

If anything, I would say they need at least some decent voice acting to sort of breathe some life into the dialogue and give the story some personalization. The quests themselves are sort of empty and bland and suffer from the sort of "been there. Done that" situation.

It was fine in Diablo II because (for me at least) that was my first time doing something like that as I never played D1 but all the elements of the story telling in Diablo III are seamlessly integrated into the game and for me, it makes the game FAR more entertaining.

But yeah, aside from that, POE is a really nice game.
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