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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Thanks a lot for the testing and feedback! I have the framerate limited at 83 FPS as it feels smoother than with vsync even though I don't always get that high at my res. I was just looking for a subjective comparison between the two cards But your benchmark is great as well

Did you have the 2-pass shadowing and higher c0ckpit mirror settings enabled during your testing?
Did you notice any smoothness or stuttering issues with the 670 compared to the 480?

The ovals, especially during practice sessions, are a lot easier on the framerate compared to tracks like Spa or Suzuka. But I guess it should work just as great on those tracks. I'll take another look at the iRacing forum and probably get a few cards once the Zotac 4GB model is available here.
Yes, shadowing and mirror are on.

I noticed some stuttering with the 670 using vsync. However, running those tests with vsync off, there was no stuttering at all.
My 480 never stuttered with vsync on.

I seem to remember alot of tearing in games with vsync off with the 480, but with the 670 in iRacing I didn't see any tearing at all with vsync off. Interesting.
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