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Hi guys,

Sorry to bring this topic back to life.

But Albion swords are in fact great but they don't offer the best bang for the buck nowadays you can buy a real sword from Kult of Athena for ~200 dollars.
If you are in the US/CANADA use internacional "Swords Buyer Guide" , there you will find the biggest worlwide sword community, and pretty much everything you might need to know now and in the future.
Anyway I'm writting this because I'm from Europe and here is really hardddddddd to find good swords and normally they are much highly priced then in the US.

After a lot of schearch online I found a site "Europe Swords Buyer Guide"

I'm not going to insert the link because i just registered and found this forum, I don't want to be banned your blocked, if you use google you will find it.

Cya and I hope to help some of you Europe guys out there
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