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Default Biostar GeForce 210 revisited

Well, the 8400GS died on me and I'm back to this GeForce 210 video card on said Linux box.

Now, as I said before, this card has an identity crisis (it thinks it's a G210). It also refuses to play nice with drivers newer than 197.45.

Now, this box is now on Debian Sid, NVidia drivers 295.49.

Booting xorg now hangs at a black screen as soon as GDM is invoked. When I last used it, it refuses to even boot into X, spewing a bunch of error messages. Now nothing- it just appears to try to work, then... nothing. It just freezes with a blank screen.

RMAing this card is impossible as I did not buy this card locally. Malaysia has no Biostar graphics card distributors (the 8400GS took a lot of coaxing to the motherboard distributor to get, and even then they refused to do it again when it came time to buy the 210).
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