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Default Re: Epic Reveals First Details of Unreal Engine 4

I've been told by people who saw the demo during consults that it looks more impressive in motion than what the screens let on. When you see all the reflections, particles and radiosity working in real-time it leaves a better impression (they say). I too was a little underwhelmed by some screens, floored by others. Everything is really about developers because nobody wants to hire more staff for 3 year dev cycles because its financially unsustainable. Epic was more trying to sell people on "you can develop faster and with less of a learning curve" than "we can make your games look even more amazing". Sounds about right considering most console manufacturers seem to be pushing towards conservative instead of envelope pushing specs for next-gen.

It is a fully deferred shading, dynamically lit pipeline. Think Doom3, but with radiosity and some specular interaction. No more lightmap computing and, I assume, no more baking cube maps.

As a programmer I'm more curious about the "real-time" C++ stuff. From the sounds of it you can just edit-and-continue with the editor running to play with new game logic nearly instantaneous. At the same time unreal script is completely gone.

Granted I can draw up a longer list of my favorite games made with Unreal compared to Cryengine I don't really have a favorite. If people can make great games for both and they keep competing and making things more impressive as a result I'm all for it. Another engine that seems to be gaining steam, though under the radar for AAA development, is Unity. Most devs I know that work with it come away pretty impressed and tho not cryengine or UDK level their DX11 stuff is looking really good.

Guess well know more when Epic shows off UE4 at E3...
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