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Default NVIDIA Responds to Reports of Kepler V-Sync Stuttering Issue

Over the past month, users of NVIDIA GeForce Kepler-based graphics cards have been reporting intermittent stuttering in games, with v-sync enabled. A fairly long thread on NVIDIA forums formed the rally point of users noticing the issue, although the issues weren't universally reproduceable. Tom's Hardware sought a statement from NVIDIA on the issue. In its statement, NVIDIA said that it is looking into the issue, extensive testing has to be done, and that gamers noticing the issue should force v-sync to stay disabled via NVIDIA Control Panel.

"We have received reports of an intermittent v-sync stuttering issue from some of our customers. We’ve root caused the issue to a driver bug and identified a fix for it. The fix requires extensive testing though, and will not be available until our next major driver release targeted for June (post-R300). For users experiencing this issue, the interim workaround is to disable v-sync via the Nvidia Control Panel or in-game graphics settings menu."
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