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Thumbs up Re: NVIDIA Responds to Reports of Kepler V-Sync Stuttering Issue

Thanks for sharing. I noticed that the story was originally posted at Tom's Hardware on the 18th, as linked to by techPowerUp. I would have picked the headline up in Tom's news feed, had I not unsubscribed from it in Google Reader last week. I'll certainly add them back as I always try to link to the ORIGINAL source of news for our visitors. I still subscribe to Tom's article feeds though. A distinguished, and very popular, web site.

NVIDIA has put forth much effort to reduce/eliminate micro-stuttering with Kepler (the GeForce 600 Series). Did we read all of the reviews? Did we notice if any reviewers reported the stuttering issue? Have we all read how the The TechReport, another awesome web site, plans to test and report on micro-stutteing? Are we all having the same issue?

As with most new hardware, bugs need to be worked out, which NVIDIA has admitted that they are already working on. I'm glad that it's "only" a driver issue and that they are not going to "cut corners" with testing. Too many company's continue to cut corners during the testing phase of a project and it shows.

The main point here is that NVIDIA has provided customers with a temporary workaround. Those reporting the issue, some of which are not customers of NVIDIA, probably already knew what the workaround was too.
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