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Default ICC profile / LUT loading broken on the 302 betas?

After seeing that the 302 betas do have a more modern xrandr support, I tried 302.7 and 302.11 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T520.
The BIOS is set for discrete only. Running 64bit Xubuntu 12.4.
In contrast to the official 295 driver I can use my external HD Samsung with full resolution over VGA, good.

But in contrast to the official driver I can not even load an ICC profile.
The official driver allows only one profile, the key reason I tried the beta was to get two profiles loaded which should be possible with the updated xrandr support.
But instead, nothing happens when I use dispwin to load and activate the monitor profiles. Neither a change of the rendering, nor any error message.

Broken as designed or am I missing something?

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