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Default Looking for a new monitor...

Yo' bros!

So I built a new computer for my parents as a b-day gift. I'm also giving them my monitor as with it being larger, should be easier for them to read things. Anyhow, I'm gonna' be rocking their smaller Dell 20.1" for a bit but want to upgrade to a 27" within a month.

So just looking for some feed back. My price range is preferrably $200 - $300, at the upper limit being $400 but I would really prefer not spend that much.

What I'm looking for is an LED 27" monitor with emphasis on build quality over image quality- I don't want dead pixels appearing within a year of owning it or something else failing. I don't do much in the way of video or photo editing (may down the road but not too concerned about it). I mostly play video games and watch movies, occasionally doing some photo or video editing but it's far from the primary use of my computer. Prefer to only spend between $200 and $300, $400 only if it's absolutely necessary.
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